The Basics of PROFIL hp


PROFIL hp is more than an instrument, a theory or a simple procedure. It is the perfect interacting of these three elements. The accredited partners are required to assume a sociable attitude and a high esteem of the client and his needs.


Scope of Application

PROFIL hp is applied wherever knowledge about one’s personality features and their development potential is required, i.e.:

  • Establishing the fundamental basis for personal or professional development
  • Planning one’s career, developing potentials and discussing best strategies for personal progress
  • Counseling individuals in difficult professional situations (state of exhaustion, change of position, reorientation)
  • Counseling in creating high performance teams and networks, development of teams and in partnerships.

Scientific Basis

PROFIL hp is based upon the Adjective Check List (ACL) developed by Prof. Francis Gendre and Dr. Roland Capel, University of Lausanne/Switzerland. The test results have been verifyed by checking validity, reliability and representativity.


Authors as well as accredited partners stand for an utmost respect of the quality. To guarantee this quality the accredited partners are invited to periodical meetings and are offered personal support.